If you have ever wondered about Steampunk or how make and design costumes watch this video below, 

We have a Steampunk era colection of fabric Unknown Journey that will be arriving in November 2019. You can find the whole colllection on the Coming Soon page.

You could make yourself a whole collection of accessories  hats, umberellas, fabric flower corsages, or you could make the whole outfit with a matching coat.

I quite like the idea of a mans waistcoat in one of the fabrics with gears on, or a shirt with the typewriter keys.

For the ladies its got to be a corset with any of the fabrics but the rose with the tan backgroud might be the winner


There are Steampunk festivals all over the world the nearest one that I know of is in Haworth home of the Bronte sisters.

If you dont want to dress up theres always a stunning panel for a quilt!

watch the video for some inspiration!

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