Sewing a waistcoat is a great way to use up scraps of fabric and make something special for a loved one. It's also a quick and easy project, so it's perfect for beginners. This waistcoat tutorial is for children, but the same basic principles can be used to make an adult-sized waistcoat. You can use any type of fabric you like, but I recommend using patchwork fabrics for a really colorful look.

The great thing about waistcoats is that they are a really versatile item of clothing- you can dress them up or down and make them for boys or girls. They are also a really quick sew- perfect for when you need a present in a hurry! For this project, you will need the following pattern pieces:

- 1 back piece

- 2 front pieces

You will also need a half meter pieces of fabric, for the outer fabric and lining fabric. You will also need wadding for the middle , 

Now is a good time to mention that I have used a pattern for this waistcoat which I have found in the book Investments by Diane Leone. Alternatively, you could find a free pattern online or download one. Once you have your pattern, cut out the pieces and lay them out on your fabric. Be sure to leave an extra 1/2" seam allowance along all the curved edges. 

How to sew the waistcoat
First, cut out all of the pieces you'll need for the waistcoat. This includes the lining, wadding and outer fabrics. Once everything is cut out, it's time to quilt the outer fabric and wadding. Be sure to quilt in a grid pattern or another easily-recognizable design. This will help keep everything in place when it comes time to sew the waistcoat together.


Next, sew together the shoulder seams on the outer fabrics and then repeat with the lining fabric. Once both sets of shoulder seams are sewn together, it's time to attach the lining to the outer fabric. To do this, place the right sides of both fabrics together and sew around the entire perimeter, leaving all the side seams open for turning. 


Turn the waistcoat right side out and press flat. Finally, close up the side seams  by hand or with a machine. You're done!

To finish your waistcoat, press over really well and then top stitch if prefered. You can patches, or pockets if you want to ! I wanted a bright and fun fabric this waistcoat so I choose Marvel Comics and a bright yellow cotton lining. 

This waistcoat is a quick and easy sewing project that can be made from your scraps of fabric. You can make it in any size, from child to adult, and it's a great way to use up your patchwork fabrics. The quilting gives the waistcoat a nicely finished look and makes it extra warm and cozy.

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