Neverland Quilt Kit 

Our new quilt kit using the Neverland fabrics, this very easy quilt could easily be made in a day, 

It comes with 64 pre cut squares to get you sewing straight away, 

sew your 5” squares in twos and then in strips of 8, press over the seams, and then lining up the seams sew together the strips of 8, first in one direction then in the other direction. This will help prevent a fug of extra fabric all at one end.

You could make this longer rather than square just check the backing and wadding still fits.

Make a quilt sandwich with your backing wadding and quilt top, baste together, or use fixing spray or Mistyfuse. 

Quilt by sewing with a wavy line over the seams, this is an easier method rather than stitch in the ditch, sew in one direction then repeat in the other direction.

Trim your wadding and backing fabric, cut the excess backing fabric in to 2.5” strips, press in half lengthwise and use as binding for the edges. 

If you are sewing the binding by hand attach to the front first and if you are sewing by machine attach to the back first. 

Press over your quilt and enjoy!


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