At Sunnyside Fabrics, we're the best fabric shop in Hyde and surrounding areas, so it's safe to say  we know a thing or two about fabric and textiles. Whatever your project, whether that be quilting or dressmaking, whether you've been commissioned for a project or are just creating for your own enjoyment, the quality of the materials you use play a key role in the finished result. So when results matter, it pays to use the very best fabrics you can get your hands on. At Sunnyside, we're proud to stock Liberty Fabrics, recognised as producing some of the very finest materials available today.

Liberty Fabrics Emporium London

What Are Liberty Fabrics?

Founded over a century ago by Arthur Lasenby Liberty and situated on Regent Street in London, the shop, which bears his name (and fully deserves to be called an Emporium), was constructed with the intention of bringing luxuries and fabrics from around the world to the city of London.

The shop itself was constructed with the idea of appearing as if a ship laden with opulent cargo from exotic foreign lands had docked in the streets of London. Indeed the Liberty shop was constructed from the timber of at least three grand ships and as a heritage listed building is well worth visiting to this day.

The materials created by Liberty Fabrics are every bit in keeping with the ideals of being the very finest the world has to offer.

Available in a tremendous range of designs, available either individually or grouped into fabric collections, Liberty Fabrics have to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. The smoothness and softness of the material speaks of the sheer quality of the fabric, as does the vibrancy of the colours and intricacy of the patterns. It's clear up close that any of the numerous Liberty Fabrics designs are a cut above the rest and will enhance any project you choose to use them in.

Check out our range of indulgent, opulent Liberty Fabrics designs and either order online, or contact us to find out more.



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