Sloths are so popular at the moment I thought I had better get   some! fabric that is,

Sloths do you find them cute or creepy?

They are so popular at the moment I thought I had better get some! fabric that is,

  this is the new Quilters Palette Sloth cotton fabric 





Theres a whole range of Sloth merchandise from cuddly toys, key rings, cups, Tee Shirts etc, but there are some cute little sewing patterns for you to make your own Sloth! 

Pinterest has lots of ideas for making Sloth related cushions, plush toys, painted rocks you could go on forever!

This is a pattern that I found on Pinterest by Choly Knight who has her own blog and etsy shop Sew Desu Ne 

sloth-plush pattern you can download this and make a whole Sloth family!





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