Exploring the Merits of Long and Fat Quarters for Patchwork

In the world of patchwork sewing, the debate between long quarters and fat quarters is as quintessentially British as a cup of afternoon tea. But what exactly sets these two fabric cuts apart, and how do they influence your sewing projects? Let's unravel the differences and celebrate the merits of each.

Long Quarters: 

Long quarters, often referred to as "skinny quarters," Measuring approximately 9 inches wide by the full width of the fabric (usually around 44 inches), long quarters provide ample material for strip piecing and creating borders with uninterrupted length.

With long quarters, you can effortlessly achieve a seamless flow of fabric patterns, ideal for traditional patchwork designs like log cabins, rail fences, and flying geese. Their elongated shape lends itself beautifully to quilt borders, sashing, and binding.

Fat Quarters: 

On the other hand, fat quarters exude a versatility that make them a favourite among modern quilters. Cut from half a yard of fabric and measuring approximately 18 inches by 22 inches, fat quarters offer a square-shaped canvas perfect for creating a diverse range of patchwork blocks and motifs.

The generous size of fat quarters allows for greater flexibility in fussy cutting and showcasing larger fabric prints, making them ideal for appliqué, improvisational piecing, and creating vibrant patchwork quilts bursting with personality. Whether you're crafting cushions, vibrant tote bags, or contemporary quilts, fat quarters provide endless possibilities for creative expression.

Choosing the Right Cut for Your Project

So, which fabric cut should you choose for your next patchwork sewing project? The answer lies in your creative vision and the aesthetic you wish to achieve. If you're drawn to timeless elegance and traditional quilt designs, long quarters may be your go-to choice. Alternatively, if you crave versatility and enjoy experimenting with bold colors and patterns, fat quarters offer boundless opportunities for artistic exploration.

At Sunnyside Fabrics UK, we proudly offer a curated selection of long and fat quarters crafted from the finest fabrics, like Liberty, ensuring that whatever your patchwork passion may be, you'll find the perfect cut to bring your creative vision to life. So, why not indulge in a bit of patchwork magic and let your imagination soar?

Happy stitching,

Lisa Wilde
Sunnyside Fabrics UK

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