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Wonderland 2 Fabrics Designed by Melissa Mortenson

To make this beautiful table runner, with Alice in Wonderland inspired fabrics, you will need,

32 x 5” squares


backing fabric

Start by laying out your fabric squares in the pattern that you like or just random.

Sew 2 squares together, do this twice

Then sew 4 squares together, do this twice

Sew the remaining squares in rows of 5,

Keep each row in the position that you want your table runner in.

Press each row, sew the rows together positioning the seams together


Cut the backing fabric and the wadding to the same size as the top. Pin the wadding to the wrong side of the top. Place the top and backing with right sides together and sew around the edge leaving a turning gap. Trim around the edge , snip into each v to make it easier when turning through.

Turn right sides out, push out every corner, press over, top stitch around the edge, sewing the gap closed.

Quilt by following the lines of the squares or as you like.

This gorgeous baby quilt was designed by melissa and heres a link to the pattern

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